Sleeping Beauty Stretch Bracelet

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Sleeping Beauty Howlite Stretch Bracelet: A Touch of Tranquility and Style

Introduce serenity and style into your daily wear with our Sleeping Beauty Howlite Stretch Bracelet. This exquisite piece combines the calming properties of Howlite with a design that's as elegant as it is comfortable.


Calming Howlite for Peace and Harmony

Our bracelet is crafted with Howlite, a gemstone known for its soothing shades of turquoise that mimic the serene beauty of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise. It is believed to promote calmness, relieve stress, and enhance awareness, making it a perfect accessory for those seeking a peaceful mind and a stylish look.


Elegant Design, Comfortable Fit

This stretch bracelet is designed with ease of wear in mind. Made with a durable elastic cord, it fits comfortably around your wrist, adapting to your size while maintaining a snug, secure fit. The smooth, polished Howlite beads are arranged to showcase their unique veining and vibrant color, making each bracelet uniquely beautiful.


Versatile and Timeless

The Sleeping Beauty Howlite Stretch Bracelet is versatile enough for both casual and formal settings. Its understated elegance makes it perfect for layering with other bracelets or wearing on its own as a statement piece.



  • Stone: Sleeping Beauty Howlite
  • Style: Stretch Bracelet
  • Features: Durable elastic cord for a comfortable fit
  • Ideal for: Daily wear, meditation, gift-giving


Experience the Beauty of Howlite

Our Sleeping Beauty Howlite Stretch Bracelet is more than just an accessory; it’s a piece of tranquility you can carry with you throughout the day. Add this beautiful bracelet to your collection and enjoy the perfect blend of style and serenity it brings to your life.